Butterflies are important pollinators and have very specific life cycles. Encourage butterflies into your garden by planting native plants for nectar and for caterpillars to eat. Butterflies have certain plants called host plants their caterpillars can eat. They are very specific and will not eat your other plants. Butterfly gardens can be large or small. To create a habitat for butterflies you will need host plants and nectar plants. Always look for morning sun to power up your butterfly activity. They have solar panels on their wings and will bask in the morning sun before feeding.

Native Butterfly Flowers LLC provides Florida native landscaping in Vero Beach and Melbourne Florida. We create habitat and biodiversity in your yard. By implementing environmentally sound landscaping practices and focusing on environmental conditions, soil type, hydrology and habitat type we can help create a way to a healthy and productive native landscaping project. Our educational backgrounds are in ecology and forestry and by combining these with a love for the wonderful wild places of Florida we promote stewardship of the environment through designing functional and productive native landscapes. We promote the importance of living in harmony with an intact ecosystem not fighting against lawns by mowing and weeding and feeding. Plant less demanding plants and spend more time living in your garden not working in it.







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