Milkweed Asclepias incarnata or A. perrenis

Host to Monarchs and Queens

Beautiful Perrenial

Pink or white flowers

Dies back in winter

Full to part sun, moist soils

Corkystem Passionvine Passiflora suberosa

Host to Zebra and Julia Longwings and the Gulf Fritillary

Climbing vine

Sun or shade

Dry or moist

Cassia Senna ligustrina or Partridge Pea Chamaecrista fasciculata

(Both are hosts for Sulphur butterflies)

-6-8 foot Shrub                 -2 foot annnual                        

-Sun or shade                    -More sun than shade

-Dry to moist soil               -Dry to moist soil

-Blooming: Spring and Fall  -Blooming: All year                                               

Wild Lime Zanthoxylum fagara

-Host to the Giant Swallowtail

-10-15 foot shrub to small tree

-Full sun to part shade

-Dry to moist soil

-Seed for birds in Fall


Pencil Flower

Stylosanthes biflora

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Sunshine Mimosa

Mimosa strigillosa

Blue Porterweed

Stachytarpheta jamaicensis

Frog Fruit

Phyla Nodiflora

Butterfly Host Plants